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HD Problem

By kpbradley
Feb 6, 2008
  1. I am running Vista Ultimate and I was haveing a problem with my outlook so I had to do a man. restart with the power and now my HD will not show in my computer. I have two separate HD's 1 for my OS which is all good and the other with all my files and misc stuff. What can I do to make the HD show????
  2. allmightypuff

    allmightypuff TS Rookie Posts: 37

    get xp home


    ok, maybe thats not the best option, but i make it a rule to NEVER BUY A PC WITH OR PURCHASE A NEW OS UNTIL THE FIRST SERVICE PACK IS RELEASED. since i hace no experiance, (delibritly) with vista, if it were xp id say goto the control panal, admin tools, computer management, then disk managment, and see if its listed there. if it isnt, then it probably stopped working completely, either from the power supply feed or the drive itself. i doubt vista would have changed that much, so this is probably the same. route44, r u there???

    after writing the above, it occured to me u can also open the case, and switch the faulty hd with one of the cd drives, if the drive is an ide, not sata. if the hd is ok, then it will reappear in my computer, or whatever vista's equivilent is. if it is listed then something happened to the ide port or controller. if it still aint there then its the drive itself.
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