HDD visible in Linux, but Windows doesn't 'detect', even in Disc Manager

Hi, I have a HDD that I bought a few years ago, but from the start, it has not been getting recognised by Windows. I tried to return, saying that my Win 7 PC doesn't recognise, but the company did not return. When I plug it into a USB port, its light turns on for a few seconds, then turns off, and I can feel the disc spinning at a uniform speed, but Windows doesn't show it in My computer, or even in Disc/Partition manager. I have tried formatting it in Fat32 and ExFat formats using Ubuntu, where it gets detected (on my same PC using same USB port), but as soon as I boot into Windows, it again becomes invisible to my PC. Anything I can try to do? ADATA HD650 1TB.

Your drive seems incompatible with Windows; that's why it is not showing in your system but is visible on the same system with a different OS. Your drive can be compatible only with one OS, so in order to get recognized with Windows OS, you need to format it. However, this may lead to data loss; if you have something important in your drive, I recommend you first backup your data and make it compatible with Windows OS.