Headphones/Microphone device Disappear and Reappear(Quickly)

Please help me!!!
I have a custom made computer with front audio jacks. I have recently added in a new motherboard and I decided not to connect the front jacks because I won't need them. How I found this problem was I saw my cpu usage very high for some reason and found out the dcomlaunch is using up 20-50 cpu. I then found out that dcomlaunch is to do with the plug-ins aka the front audio jacks which are disconnected? Every time my headphone and microphone devices within sound start disappearing and reappearing the dcomlaunch skyrockets using cpu.

When headphones was up I quickly went into the properties and it has (Jack information L R Front panel 3.5mm jack) as well as microphone the same. I have tried disabling them however that doesn't work I've tried re installing the high definition audio driver but that is not the problem I really think it is because the front panel is disconnected and I want to know if there is a way to get around this without reconnected the front panel.
I have the same problem, can anyone solve this issue?! it's been so long I don't freaking know why this happens to me now