Help about installation of HL-340 drivers in Win10

Dear TECHSport groups, I am from Ethiopia. Now I have got one challenge about software installation in my PC (Win 10) and need your suggestions?. I have bought USB 2.0 cable to communicate instruments with drivers in CD (CH341PAR (1).EXE, CH341SER.EXE & HL-340.EXE) to convert USB to RS 232 interface. But the challenge is the two drivers are installed and the USB COM is found in Device manager, but HL-340.EXE driver can.t installed and show driver install failure.

Hence if you have suggestions to solve these problem please help me ?

Kefyialew T


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The other option is to run an earlier version of windows ( Win XP / Win 7) in a Virtualbox and try to install the drivers.
What shall I do to install HL-340 driver to communicate USB to RS232?
please give direction to install this driver or share experience any one challenged for this case