Help, can't do 8 steps

By SugarBabe
May 25, 2009
  1. I am infected with some kind of virus, trojan, worm. I don't know!

    I had Malwarebytes installed previously, and ran it last night. It required a reboot. Once I rebooted, the system was worse.

    I found this site and started the 8 step process. Avira hangs at 9% and won't finish. Malwarebytes will not run, I have redownloaded it and it still won't run. I downloaded CCleaner, it did run. SAS will also not run, downloaded for the first time today.

    What do I do if I can't get MAM or SAS to run?
  2. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

    Will they run if the computer is in safe mode?
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