Help! creating an image with Ghost solution Suite 2.0

By djshreder
Apr 11, 2008
  1. I have ghost solution suite 2.0 that i have installed on a server running Microsoft Windows server 2003 R2. I'm connecting remotely to the server from one of the client computers and have installed Remote Client on all my client PC's and are able to see them in the Machine Groups folder. I have run through the tutorial on how to image a client PC but when I run the task a problem occurs. The computer acknowledges the task and is preparing to restart. When it does, the PC DOS starts up and the universal packet driver is installed. normally at this stage it should connect to the ghostcast server but a series of command prompts show up.

    0xBA 0x0D 0xB6 0x71 0x70 0x40 0x6E 0x9D 0xF8 0xF8 0x98 0x8F 0xE6 0x80 0xED 0x4F])

    , Response = #[0x69 0xDA 0x2C 0x7E 0x4D 0xF9 0x3B 0x90] IPADDRESS = xxxxxx
    Porduct = Ghost, Host "ServerName", Address = 1347 Component = Config_Server, Challenge = #[0x30 0x60 0x79 0xE8 0x1C 0x37 0x7F 0xE5] }

    "Time" "PC MAC Address" sending status to "Server MAC Address"
    "Time" "PC MAC Address" Acknowledged by "Server MAC Address"
    "Time" "PC MAC Address" TCP connecting to "Server MAC Address"
    Received message #\Clone{ Compress = 1, Name = "ServernamePull1", Drive = 2, Pull =1, Partition = 1 }

    "PC MAC Address" sending status to "Server MAC Address"
    Closing server connection
    "PC MAC Address" disconnecting from "Server MAC Address"

    Type ghreboot to attempt to return to Windows

    Please help!
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