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Help "Failed To Connect To Windows Service"

By Pr0killzx
Dec 10, 2008
  1. *I Have Read Many Topics About This And I Cant Find The Solution Please Someone Save My Computer I Dont Know Where The Hell I Got This Error.

    I Start My Pc One Day And It Takes A Hell Of A Long Time Starting Up And I Wait And Get A Blank Screen For 2 Minitues Then The Windows Logo COmes And It Says Please Wait... I Wait 5 MORE MINUTES Then I Can Log In My Admin Account I Log In And Then I See This Message At First The Theme Was Classic And It Was Gone My Friend Helped Me Fix It Back To Windows Vista But He Didnt Know How To Fix This

    ScreenShot: [​IMG]

    I Tried 2 Tutorials These Where The Ones <_<


    Boot into Safe Mode.
    Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Services> right click on System Event Notification Service> set startup mode to Automatic. Do NOT attempt to start the Service.
    Make sure the Event Log Service is also on Automatic.
    Reboot into Normal Mode. The Service should be started.

    For the Event Viewer in Vista:
    Please observe the same guidelines for reporting: ignore Warnings, only one copy of recurring identical error.
    Copy button is on lower left.

    And The Secound


    Boot in safe mode and login under a local adminstrator account.

    Right click My Computer and click manage, up will pop up a computer management window, in that window double click Services and Applications and then click Services.

    In the list of services scroll down to "System Event notification" and double click it. The properties for this Service will then display.

    Make sure the start up type is set to Automatic and make sure the Service status is set to Started.

    After you have done this click "Event Viewer" in the far top left of the screen and click "System". This will bring up the logging of events in which have happened on your machine.

    I Would Greatly Appreciate If Someone Helped Me Please I Beg Of You !!!!!
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