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Help - Found Win32/huer

By Cashman65
Mar 8, 2009
  1. Right my 1st post here, so heres the deal, the only reason i found the dam virus was due to a restore a had done by trying to remove AVG. I got AVg working again and then it found the Win32/huer nestling in my wireless keyboard .dll ( To be honest im not sure if its went native or not :S )

    So i found this site, and have been up since 8am GMt trying to get everythnig sorted, just now i have finished the 8 steps , installed the suggested softwere and now have uploaded the files, i also found something called (tr/dropper.gen) on the antivirus, but im not sure if its been delt with yet.

    Do I have a problem or am i being a bit hypercondriact ?

    Also I want to run the reg cleaner from the CCleaner, but will removing all the dead files stop my wireless equipmetn to work as it was that file that was originall infected?


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