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Help getting computer operating, Please!

By rimsblah
Apr 1, 2008
  1. Hey guys i need some help because i've been getting EXTREMELY frustrated and ready to smash!
    I'll go into detail as much as i can.
    So recently i've brought
    • 500 Watt PSU
    • XFX 9600GT
    • Asus P5N32 Deluxe mobo
    • 2GB PNY Ram 667 mhz
    • Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
    • 2 fans, dvi to hdmi adaptor etc
    And had the original plan of putting them all together and re-using a Liteon CD/DVD Burner and an old IDE Seagate 40GB hdd
    So all of it was put together and plugged in etc and when the power was turned on, the fans would spin and drives activate but no BIOS beeps were heard and no screen activity was occurring.
    I took the computer into a local computer repair store where they told me that it was the P5N32 mobo that was the problem, Its not compatible with a Q6600, so i then brought a Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2L mobo. Once i got that home and installed it, SUCCESS! Bios beeps, screen activity! but alas, things just got worse.
    For the past 2 days i've been fiddling around with boot settings trying to get it to work and i'm completely at wits end.
    So the first time, windows xp setup cd was in the drive and went through setup, formatted hdd and installed windows and rebooted. On reboot it came up with a warning "NTOSKRNL.EXE is missing or corrupt" and so attempted a re-install and was successful and THEN had "Missing NTLDR", attempted another reformat and re-install and had "Disk Boot Error, Insert system disk and press enter", changed around boot priorities, reformatted and installed, then xp began to load with its regular you know "Microsoft windows xp home" with the progressing green bar, when it promptly bluescreened. Everytime i tried to do anything it will either
    A- boot from disk, even if priorities do not mention cd drive at all, and then bluescreen once it gets to the install windows xp screen
    B- Tell me "Disk boot error, Insert system disk and press enter"
    Every single time the Disk Boot Error has shown up, the disk has been inserted, enter pressed, and then Disk Boot Error will show up again
    Now no progress can be made at all because all it will ever do is show the "Disk Boot Error" even when correct disk is in the drive
    I've figured i'll need a new cd drive and hdd, which i'll sadly have to get sooner or later (Because of my age, i don't come into contact with much money...)
    Has anybody else ever had a problem like this?
    Is it just the drives or is it something more serious?
    Please help :( :(

    PS- And yes, its legal xp, in case it was important
  2. Sounds like memory issues. Try downloading a Linux livecd, see if that boots and runs ok (it runs from the CD without installing to the HDD) and run the memtest program (on the boot menu of most livecds) for several hours. If the memory fails it is probably down to either incorrect settings/timings or faulty memory so try removing some of your memory and running memtest with one memory board at a time. Also boot your system a go to the BIOS setup on the hardware monitor screen and leave the PC for about an hour, check the CPU temperature in particular to see if it is abnormally high. If there is a heat build up, check the CPU fan and ensure that thermal grease is correctly applied between the CPU and heatsink.
  3. Jesse_hz

    Jesse_hz TS Maniac Posts: 545

    Isn't that what everyone wants help for? Try a better post title next time.
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