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May 18, 2009
  1. Hi people, i got a bit of a problem,

    I have recently had to resort to useing a old pc for the time being, it currently runs windows 95 but it keeps freezing when i load a program.

    I updated the bios chip with a update that will support a large hard drive as the one that was in there was a 3gb but i didnt have one so now its got a 40bg in there.

    Here is the spec :

    Pent II @ 400 MHZ
    128 MB Ram
    40 GB HDD
    40 X CD ROM
    4MB Video

    at first i thought it was windows so i then put 98 and still the same, some times it will not freze at all for a few hours but then other times it will keep frezin on boot, even when dos scans the disk at startup

    i have tryed windows 98 se
    windows me
    windows nt 4
    windows 2000

    and all the same please help as i can not do any thing on the system.

    Many thanks
  2. peterswansea

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    the number for the motherboard shows P6I44OBX BRILLIANTX-1 BIOS V2.0SL if that helps
  3. fastco

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  4. peterswansea

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    hi, thanks for the reply, i have tryed to use linux, ubunto aswell but still get the same problems, i can use it for a few mins and then it will lock and i need to hit the reset button to get me back up and running.

    I currently use windows 95 :( where the freesin dont happen verry often but i cant use the net on there as i dont have a lan card just a usb wireless adapter where as i can not get any drivers for windows 95 for it

    Linksys HU200

    Many thanks
  5. captaincranky

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    If you get the same problems, regardless of which OS you install, you'd think it might be hardware. Bad RAM? Bad PSU? Overheat?

    Clean the case out and run "Memtest86", here's a guide;

    This machine actually doesn't have enough RAM to run Ubuntu, I don't think. I think they're asking for 384MB (!) or (?) as the case may be.
  6. peterswansea

    peterswansea TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi, thanks again for the reply, i tryed ubunto and it do need alot of memory, i dont have that amount of memory at the moment lol

    i used win 98 at the moment and it seams to be ok, and i currently running that memtest86 on my system as we speak so hopefully that will let em know if there are any errors there.

    its strange becuase i can use the computer as normal though some programs but then some programs make it stop, but i use a usb network adapter on my system and i tryed to get it to work with win 95 but i faild to get a driver for 95.
  7. captaincranky

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    I checked, and Ubuntu is asking for 256MB of memory. Well, it's less than I thought, but still double what you have. Depending on what programs you're trying to use, it may be locking up because they're written fot the later XP, and at this point 1GB of RAM is about average for that OS. I dump 2GB in everything, because it's so damned cheap nowadays.
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    QDI are known to have Nichicon HD series (good) and a unknown company (bad) capacitors on them, check them. The silver sleeveless ones are Nichicon HD, the other ones are probalby bad, check them.

    Also, are you using a 40pin or 80pin IDE cable? 40 pin only allows PIO mode, which relies on the processor to do every thing disk related.

    A 40pin will have all the same colored connectors, while a 80pin has designated connectors with different colors, usually blue for the motherboard connector, gray for the slave, and black for the master.
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