Help! How do I get power to my new video card?

By VvWolverinevV
Jun 27, 2006
  1. Hey, I just got a Sapphire Radeon x1600 Pro video card, but I got it through as an open box item (so it did not come with any power cables). I've been using the 4-pin power cable that was plugged into my firewire card, but now I would like to use my firewire ports again.

    Here is what I have available:
    1) a spare 4-pin cable with 4 wires (red/black/black/white)
    2) a spare 4-pin cable with 3 wires (red/void/black/white)
    3) a four-pin motherboard connection labeled P7 CD
    4) a four-pin motherboard connection labeled P11 AUX
    5) a four-pin power cable from the power source with 4 wires (red/black/black/orange)

    Is there any way to power both my firewire card, and my video card with just these materials? If not, what else do I need?
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