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Jul 4, 2011
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  1. This is my motherboard specs.. what are the video graphic cards that are compatible with this?

  2. captaincranky

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    Elite Group's website shows NO results under CPU-Z's "model number".

    However, a search using the chipset ID# (MCP61) returns several results, with this board being one of them:

    Since the board above is of fairly new design, (DDR-3 etc,), one supposes that any single PCI-E x 16 video card would work. That said, you haven't posted enough info to make a statement. Other MCP61 boards would have generally the same capabilities, so that wouol maybe hold true for yours as well.

    I always suggest "SIW" (System Information for Windows) as a better source of complete system info:

    Download this version: "SIW Without Installer (English-Only) " at the bottom of the page.
  3. darkmik15

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    Manufacturer: ECS
    Model: A15G
    Version: v1.0
    Serial Number OEM

    North Bridge: NVIDIA MCP61 Revision A3
    South Bridge: NVIDIA MCP61 Revision A2

    Name: AMD Sempron(tm) Processor LE-1150
    Cpu Socket: Socket AM2 (940)
    Max CPU Speed: 3000 MHz

    Maximum Capacity: 16384 MBytes
    Maximum Memory Module Size: 4096 MBytes
    Memory Slots: 4
    Memory Type: DDR2

    System Slots
    ISA: 0
    PCI: 2
    AGP: 0
    VL-BUS: 0
    EISA: 0
    PCMCIA: 0
    ExpressCard: 0
    MCA: 0

    that was the specs of the motherboard from System Information for Windows. (sorry cant post picture because the forum wont allow me -.-)

    what are the video card and RAM that is compatible with it? sorry im just a kid :)
  4. Leeky

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    If you take the side cover off of the tower, you will be able to get the part number from the motherboard, but you could also just take a picture, which in a few posts time you can insert in here.

    In the meantime, it would be good to know your intended usage for this computer. Do you want a new graphics card because you want to game? If so, what games? At what resolutions do you plan to game at (you can help us here by telling us your monitor size, and its resolution).

    Also, we need to know the total wattage of your PSU. It will be printed on the label on the power supply which will be viewable with the cover off.
  5. captaincranky

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    OK well, the CPU in this computer is one of the weakest that AMD made, and it's a single core. So, no matter what you purchase in the way of a video card, the CPU will be a "bottleneck", when used with most of today's high requirement games.

    This is an older iteration on the MCP61 chipset, as it has DDR2 memory instead of DDR-3/

    No matter, as Leeky suggests a picture of the motherboard would be most helpful.

    However, we could still easily obtain some more useful information from SIW.

    In the left menu pane, go to the "hardware" section, (expand "hardware" if it isn't already). and upload the results from the following options


    2......"CPU Info"

    3....."Memory" and finally;

    4......"System Slots"

    If you like, also click on "Video" and that will tell us what's already installed. However, I suspect that your machine has integrated graphics.

    Given the age of this computer, replacing the power supply is almost going to be mandatory. The machine is in a lower price bracket, and in those cases, not much thought is given to power hungry upgrades such as video cards. Plus, unless your PSU has been replaced recently, age kills capacity, and it's entirely possible that it doesn't even meet its published specs.

    (Don't feel bad. Some higher priced machines don't either).

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