HELP ME I Get Unmountable Boot Volume Error

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Jun 2, 2005
  1. If anyone can help me I would be so happy!! Anyway i had 2 reformat mt hd
    and i dont know very much about this stuff but i will try 2 explain. I get the unmountable boot voulme error every time i almost get through with the 6 floppy disk xp installer. And since i erased my whole hd i can get in 2 windows at all and I cant install windows because i get the boot error. I also have been reading that most peoples pc's restart after they get the error but mine just stays on that ugly bluse screen. If any one can help me i can try 2 explain a little more. Please Help Me!!! Im so bored.
  2. Liquidlen

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    I suggest deleting the partition/s you made and start again. Can you boot from the CD ? Or make sure you create at least 2 Partitions> Format them, then copy the installation files to the 2 nd partiton and install from the HDD.
  3. zephead

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    floppy disks? can you boot the machine to a CD? does your copy of xp and computer allow it to be booted from the cdrom?
  4. ronobono

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    First off thanx for the reply. I have tried 2 boot from cd but it didnt work..but then agian im not 2 good at this so im not sure if i even did the boot from cd thing right. Also how do i partition 2 parts?? Can someone explain how i would do that? i really suck at this stuff but i dont want 2 have 2 pay 2 get it fixed so it would be a big help if someone could explain in detail how i do all this. Thanx everyone!!
  5. poertner_1274

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    Well to make sure you have boot from CD enabled, you will need to hit F1, F2, or DEL after you hear your computer 'beep' when booting up. It should say something like hit "THIS KEY" to enter the BIOS / advanced setup. Once in there make sure you have set boot from floppy as your first boot device, then boot from CD, then boot from HDD. This will be your best bet. Then you can boot from CD before your HDD. Once you boot from your CD you should be in smooth waters.

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  6. Liquidlen

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    You must do as Poert.. outlined above first. XP is so much easier to install with booting with the CD.
    Once you can do that everything can be done right from there.
    Just take your time and read each option on each page that the program offers you .
    I am going from memory so I will not have the exact wording ,but I am sure that these instructions are close enough that you can confidently make the right choises.You may get some pages I won't know because I do not know what is on your HDD, and windows will offer some options if it finds a previous copy of Windows. Ignore those and follow for a clean/new install.
    You will see a page that asks where to install Windows ,there it will show you the Number of (or just 1)Partitions on the HDD and their sizes.
    You will highlight (scroll to with up/down arrows>enter to choose)these and one at a time and Delete them.
    When they are gone , you will see your Hdd and its total size with the options to make a new Partition in the unallocated space > for example
    If your HDD is 60000 Mb type in 10000 for the first partition and Enter /yes(This will be C:\ ,that you make Active )
    You will return to this window to make another partion in the Unallocated space that remains.
    Then you will be asked where to install windows you will select C:\

    Do not be intimidated ,if you make a mistake you can always reboot to the CD and start again.
    Let us know if you get stumped or if you are successful.
  7. ronobono

    ronobono TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    thankx im going 2 try this and i will get back
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