Windows 10 Application Error 0xc0000005 In EventViewer


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Good day,

I have searched all over the internet for a possible fix for the following application error "0xc0000005" without any success.
Let me explain the issue I'm experiencing:
So it started when I was playing Forza Horizon 4 which I had purchased from the Microsoft Store began to crash when I hit a speed zone.
Upon further investigation, I saw in the event viewer that I get the application error code "0xc0000005".(I attached the event viewer logs to this thread.)

I tried the following:

  1. Upon reading this thread (I read a lot of them, but basically they provide the same set of fixes), I tried every solution except for no. 9 which is to reset the PC, and I'm not going to do that unless there are no other fixes left to try.
  2. Also tried doing a repair upgrade in Windows 10
  3. Reset the Windows Store by typing "WSReset" in the search box and running it as an administrator.
  4. Uninstalled recent Windows Updates.
  5. Uninstalled my antivirus (Sophos Home).
  6. Performed a clean boot.
  7. Reset the Forza Horizon 4 and Xbox Console Companion App

  8. Edit: I just tried following this guide too, with no success either.

At this point I am basically out of ideas and would greatly appreciate some help.

Thanks everyone!


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