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Sep 17, 2007
  1. hi my name is tony and i am in desperate need of help. my computer was working fine i had all my files and everything on it, i have to use my dads computer for this and 2 nites ago i unplugged my modem and ran a registry cleaner and a windows disk cleanup i have a cracked version of windows xp but i had converted it to windows genuine i recently downloaded vista transformation pack only giving me look alike vista qualities nuthing permanent so i run thsi disk cleanup and it starts giving me a **** load of errors i restart my computer and it said something about missing or corrupt c_***.nls file i was like wtf i go on the internet and search for how i can get this away n so on,,, i have tried everything to recover or repair windows xp nothing works i eliminated the c_****.nls problem but i come up to a BLACK screen with a big *** arrow whihc i cant do anything with, if any1 can help me it would b appreciated. umm i just want to b able to axcess my files one last time so i can reinstall everything at this point i dont want to erase everything because i have so many projects music tools and software and i would die if i lost it all, maybe some1 could tell me how to axcess them just once so i cna burn all of the files to a dvd to save me all i need is probably 10min of messing with my programs and i will reinstall, sry if this didnt make anysense but basically i have a blackscreen on windows xp start up with vista trans pack and all i want is to bypass it so i can axcess my files one last time plz reply ASAP i have recently a 20page paper for school and everything was on my computer which i so happen cannot axcess so plz post any useful / working information. if u have anyprograms i could b able to use plz send a link of rapidshare or megaupload to my email at thank you have a nice nite.
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    I think the registry cleaner "cleaned" out some vital files that need to run on startup, you may have to reinstall just to get it fixed, or find the file you're missing and see if you can find it on the net
  3. matav

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    what i think:
    maybe when you installed "vista transformation pack", it didnt properly get installed.
    cause this software changes many system files and it must have either corrupted one system file or the registry cleaner must have recognised the enteries as invalid or corrupt.
    didnt you read the bottom of the installation window of "vista transformation pack"?
    it says that problems may occur.
    if you want to access to your files one last time, best way [without trouble-shooting] is
    unplug your hard-disk and plug it in another computer and make a backup.
    cause only the Windows OS is corrupt not your data.
  4. mafiaheaven

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    mmk and for the record it wasnt the registry cleaner it was the diskcleanup that started giving me all the problems =/ if only i didnt unplug my damn modem id b fine right now ,,, so the bestthing i should do is plug my harddrive into another computer and get it that way?
  5. mafiaheaven

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    well today i tried just tht my windows cd did somethign to both the harddrives now i cannot boot the windows cd to delete the whole harddrive i cannot basically boot anything with this harddrive does any1 know how to wipe it out with bios or something because i absolutely cannot do anything to help my self at this point i personally think the harddrive is destroyed
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