Help me win lots of "brownie points" with the girlfriend!!!

By fozz ยท 15 replies
Jan 19, 2006
  1. My girlfriend's computer has wrapped it's hand in. Whislt she was was sitting in her lounge the other night with the PC turned off, it turned itself on, made a funny noise and died.

    It will not start at all now. There are no power indication lights at all. I ran a new power supply to it and this still has no effect.

    Now, I've had PC's for over ten years and I've never, EVER heard of a computer turning itself on and commiting suicide in this manner.

    Does anyone have any ideas at all? Anyone? :cool:
  2. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    Buy your girlfriend a new computer.10,OOO,OOO brownie points.
  3. darkman3d

    darkman3d TS Rookie

    Even better, try and build one for her yourself...

    1. It will show her that you wanted to get the best for her

    2. It will show her that you are good with your hands (and who knows where that might lead to).

    3. Probably this will be more for you, you will gain some knowlegde on computer components and parts. Trust me, once you get the hang of building your own system, you will like it.....

    Hope it helps

  4. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    Yes,I thought of that,but how long would that take ?Two,thee,four,weeks,by the time he`s got all the parts.He`d lose all the points he`s acquired so far.
  5. swker98

    swker98 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,077

    is the green or orange light on, on the motehrboard, does the computer show any sighn of life, like a fan spinning or hdd light flickering

    and people, if you dont have anything to say as far as helping, just dont say it
    thank you ;)
  6. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    swker98,you may be a misery,but we still like you:)
  7. swker98

    swker98 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,077

    whats that mean? u saying im weired
    :giddy: :haha: :unch:
    Im merly just trying to prevent people caugh peddant caugh from spamming up the boards, because then its ezer to view :stickout:
  8. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    That`s OK your forgiven.
  9. fozz

    fozz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nothing, de nada, zilch, planks constant

    There is nothing at all, no power indications, no fan, no nothing. That's why i tried a new power supply but still nothing.

    I would build her a new one guys, but if I could afford to do that then I wouldn't be on here begging!!!! At the moment it's in bits in my office and she thinks it's really nice of me to spend so much time fixing it! After a couple of weeks of it though, she'll start to see through me.
  10. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    I`m sure you`ve checked the fuse in the plug haven`t you ? ....You have haven`t you ?
  11. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,002   +15

    be careful of the brownies you eat. The one you eat today may get you high tomorrow!
  12. maradms4

    maradms4 TS Rookie

    the board might have died, in which case it may have taken the CPU with it, and even the Memory. Your best bet is test the cpu in another machine, then if it works, test the ram as well. If alls well, a new mobo and PSU should do the trick.

    And yeah, machines do the strangest of things, I would imagine it received a spike through the mains, perhaps you should invest in a surge protecter if you havn't done so already.

  13. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +421

    maradms4 is correct, if you tried a new power supply, likely the motherboard fried (if the hd doesn't spin up). Try each component in another pc, start with the easy stuff first like the hds/cd/pci cards then move to the more difficult like cpu.

    And by brownie points did you mean :stickout:
  14. loupegarou

    loupegarou TS Rookie Posts: 39

    here is one thing

    Ok does she have dial up or high speed internet.

    Try this.
    Unplug all internal devices
    ie (hard drives/cdroms) from both power and pc cables
    Remove all pci cards except for video.

    Sometimes a pc will get a short in some part be it either
    modem (power surge) or hard drive (some mean little gremlin
    banging away at it.)
    Let us know if this helps.
  15. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    Hmmm, I'm not so sure you hooked up that spare PSU correctly. To have absolutely nothing light up or spin up or any fan spinning just means to me either that spare PSU is dead too or you forgot to connect something to the mobo. Check the case power switch leads at the mobo, make sure they're seated properly (polarity doesn't matter).
    Did the PSU fan start up? If not the PSU is dead too or the case switch is not connected or broken. You can short pins 13 and 14 (the only green wire to the black wire beside or any black wire) on the 20pin PSU mobo connector. This simulates pressing the case power button, now turn on the PSU with it's switch. If nothing happens ( the fan should run) , buy a new PSU.

  16. fozz

    fozz TS Rookie Topic Starter


    You know, the more i read, the more I'm inclined to start with the power switch to the case... this is the thing that suddenly turned itself on!

    Now, I've had no indications from anything at all, so I'm going to try the bypass thing and see if that works. If it does, and all i need to do is buy a new case, she'll think I've gone to all the trouble of buying a brand new computer for her anyway!!!

    Evil? A bit! Certain to impress..? You bet. I'll keep you posted (on the computer, not the result of fixing it, you can visit other sites for that!!!).

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