Help me with this error message

By batigoal
Nov 30, 2008
  1. While i was installin the nVidia 8800GT i encountered this message sayin that "The software you are installing for this hardware has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP.

    I ignored it and chose Continue Anyway and then whenever I play games like Crysis, the com would restart when i was juz 5mins into the game! But when i'm in a cooler room with air-con on, it can stay for hours!

    So what i wanna ask is does the incompatibility message really the reason for this weird restarts i am encounterin?

    Guys pls help me!
  2. Tedster

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    simply means the software does not have a digital rights agreement with micro$oft. and thus, the game may or may not be compatible with your windows OS (I doubt that though). What type of OS does you have? Vista or XP?

    Trying running under XP. - assuming your system meets the base hardware requirements of the game.

    It sounds like you have a heating issue. Air cooling alone (passive) is terrible - especially when playing games which can really heat up a graphics card.

    You also perhaps need better drivers for you graphics card. Go to the NVIDIA website - or do a windows update M$ should have a compatible and digitally-signed driver.
  3. batigoal

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    I am currently using windows XP SP3 and was runnin Crysis/Gears of War/Left 4 Dead with a 2GB DDR2 ram, the said NVIDIA card and Core2Duo E8400 (3.0ghz each). I checked the Can You Run It website and it definitely meets the requirements.

    I used to think that it's a heatin issue too so i bought and installed the DuOrb on my gpu using arctic silver 5 and the temp went down by 13degC..but apparently that didnt help at all as the same problem still shows up...

    As for the updating of windows and driver, i would try that and see if it works. Thanks for the help!
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