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By Nagglfar
May 1, 2011
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  1. I have a DIR-655 (dlink model) router, and I'm trying to find a feature/setting that allows bandwidth monitoring for all hosts on the network, as my roommate is accusing me of going over our monthly limit. Having no proof of who downloaded what, it's pretty much his word against mine as of now.

    I tried flashing the firmware with DD-WRT, because I know it has monitoring software. Unfortunately, my particular router is not supported..

    Anybody know of firmware similar to DD-WRT that may be compatible with this model?

    If not, anybody know of settings that Dlink supports that would help monitor bandwidth usage on the network in some sort of graph/statistics.

    The only way I can provfe my roommate is downloading is if I go into the Internet Sessions and the page goes on and on, with his IP being blatantly there and his ports are ranging from 50000-60000. But screenshotting all of that with date/time stamps is tedious. I need something more presentable, like a graph.

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  2. Nagglfar

    Nagglfar TS Rookie Topic Starter

    port range blocking for torrenting

    A week later guys and nothing?

    I'm not trying to spam or anything. I just need to resolve this issue asap.
    Maybe if I can't upload firmware to the router, anybody have any ideas on how to effectively block the ports for torrenting.

    I know my roommate uses ports TCP that vary from 40-50,000, on his host. But the router only restricts ports based on IP addresses that are based remotely.

    Would I have to find out certain torrenting trackers' IP addresses and block them that way?

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