Help OC'ing Biostar 7050pv-m2 with x2 5600+

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Mar 12, 2008
  1. Hi. I am in need of help for overclocking my athlon 64 x2 5600+ 2.8ghz on a biostar 7050pv-m2. I can get it to 209 fsb without changing anything but after that nothing. it now running at 2.93ghz stable. i am only trying to reach the 3ghz stage please help and thanks in advance.
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    Read Chapter 5 (which starts on page 29) of your motherboard's manual. If you still have a question regarding overclocking with your motherboard, be more specific with your question(s). Nobody wants to type out an entire guide on overclocking, there are plenty of those around ;).
  3. NameBrandHuman

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    Ok ive tried alot of different configs. I dont know what im missing. Ive locked ram. Dropped ht to x4. locked link. raised cpu core voltage. raised ram voltage. Droppe multiplier. What i mean is i cant seem to get over 209 with any config ive tried. I know what a handful of the options do. Do i need to manually set ram timings. because if so i dont know how to do that.
  4. NameBrandHuman

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    can you help me overclock ram to 4-4-4-12 from 5-5-5-15 i know how to find the options in the bios but there are more options than just those settings.
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    Hi, the CPU clock speed you have achieved may just be the maximum it can run at stable. You see every CPU is unique, you may see someone clock the same CPU higher but due to the way CPU's are manufactured and distributed you may never reach the same clock.

    Overclocking is an art and there is a science atributed to it. As Zeno has stated research must be done to reliably overclock any CPU.

    Memory timings cannot always be lowered reliably either. I assume your memory runs at 800MHz hense your timimgs. Overclocking RAM can often be impossible due to the RAM manufacturer.
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