Help understand DNS troubleshooting

By CollegeB1992
Oct 22, 2013
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  1. I really want to understand this I'm NOT just looking for somebody to do my homework. I've been working on this and I keep running into problems. If anybody could help me out I would appreciate it!!

    So far I have this...Not sure if this is right:
    1 - register new Domain
    2 - Add an A record in XYZ zone File for ABC that points to the same Name Server
    3 - Use FTP to change all instances of the Old Domain Name to the New domain name using Find/Replace or something similar.
    4 - Set up a redirect under the old domain so that visitors are redirected to the new domain.
    5 - When the 6 months is almost over set a low TTL for the XYZ record so that it doesn't remain cached and the New Domain name propagates faster.

    I'm confused on how to add the second Domain name. Should I add an A record to the XYZ zone file, or should I create a new account on the server for ABC? I'm also confused about the SOA configurations for both. Can anybody put me on the right track???

    Question: "We need to change the name of one of our main servers. Currently, it is called XYZ, and we need to change the name to ABC. However, we cannot have any lapse in our customers' ability to access the server, regardless of whether they use the old name or the new name. What process can we use to change the name of the server on our domain's DNS zone without any gap? The IP address of the server will remain the same. Currently, there is an A record in the DNS table for XYZ. We want to make the change so that, during the next 6 months, either name will access the server. Then, at the end of the 6 months, we want the old name to disappear. Please suggest a timeline of changes we need to make to the DNS to make sure this is a seamless transition."

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