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By muse475
Nov 30, 2009
  1. So the other day I partitioned my hard drive via windows vista to take windows 7 for a test drive through dual boot before possibly buying it. Everything went as planned and when I turned on my computer I got the message to choose which system to run. Again this was fine until I was finished the "test drive" and deleted the partition and extended it back to my vista partition. But now the boot manager continues to ask which OS I want to run. I have windows 7 deleted. I even booted off the Vista CD and "repaired my system boot" yet it still asks what OS i want to run. Any Help is appreciated!
  2. SNGX1275

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    Go to the System Control Panel (or right click on my computer and select properties). Then in the left sidebar there is Advanced System Settings, click that. Then select the Advanced Tab, then click on Settings under Startup and Recovery. Then make sure Vista is the default OS in the pulldown menu, and uncheck the "time to display list of operating systems". That should do it right there, but since I haven't done this since dual booting XP and 98 years ago it wouldn't hurt to also change the timer to 0 (rather than whatever it is at - probably 30) then uncheck the box.
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    Thanks SNGX1275. I am sure that would have worked now that I read that. I actually figured it out right after I wrote this post. I went into the msconfig and deleted the 7 boot loader and set my Vista as the primary OS which is essentially what you recommended. Thanks again.
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