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Nov 25, 2008
  1. can anyone tell me or explian what and how to perform the 8 step removal thanks
  2. mflynn

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    OK here but you have other threads so post the results back there or create a new thread! I or someone else will find it and respond.

    Do the TechSpot 8 steps:

    Skip no steps (do not install another virus scanner as you already have one).

    Most importantly update MalwareBytes and SuperAntiSptware!

    Before you scan with SuperAntiSpyWare do the below:

    SuperAntispyware extra config

    After installed double-click the icon on your desktop to run it.

    Update the program definitions.

    Click the Preferences button.

    Then Scanning Control.

    In Scanner Options make sure all boxes are checked except #3 Ignore System Restore.. are checked:

    MalwareBytes extra config

    After update but before running
    Click settings and confirm all are Checked.

    I repeat Update these 2 programs.

    Run them and attach their logs.

  3. kimsland

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    The free versions will work perfectly well
  4. mflynn

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  5. kimsland

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    So ibnyinc we are still waiting on your logs from the 8-step guide!
    Oh, I hope you just wasn't posting for the sake of it!
    You made about ==>14<== Hot Deal posts since your post here!
    Really I wouldn't be going to any sales links until you've finished cleaning your computer :confused:

    And regarding your post on the Mobile password thread (where we seem to get a lot of spammers for some reason)
    Everyone of your posts (including removed ones). To date:

    10 Posts removed!
    6 Posts merged
    13 Posts at Hot Deals
    8 Posts at the mobile password thread

    All done in the last day :confused:
    To me that seems like a spammer
    I'll contact Julio and ask his thoughts on this for you ;)
  6. mflynn

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    Well get off the pot and post the results of the 8 Step process.

    You say we are not helping so give us something to go on!


    Ok Techspot does not help with illegal activities such as helping to crack programs or serial numbers or keys, or P2P downloading of illegal software..

    Not that you are not trying to get into your own computer is just that we can not prove it is yours.

    This the very thing a thief would be dong.

    So no need to keep trying it won't happen.

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