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Help with bsods

By toto warrior
Apr 28, 2009
  1. Hey there everyone, so im new to this forum so hey all! After frequent googling for solutions to BSODs and error codes i thought i might as well try a forum to find some answers and seeing as this one helped me with another prob i thought that cpc2004 could help me by looking over my mini.dump files. I've seen you help many a folk with analyzing their mini dumps. If its not too much to ask...and anyone else's help is also welcome:) may we all POST in peace:) thanks all.

    By the way my pc components are as follows
    E2160 at 1.8Ghz
    GA-G31M-S2L( bios f7)
    4gig muskin ddr2 800 (2*2gig)
    xfx 9800gt
    1 ide 30 gig
    1 sata 120 gig
    1 sata 500gig
    1 dvd-rom, writer
    500W Gigabyte psu
    vista 32 bit
    Basically what happens is that my pc wont post sometimes. It just starts up all fans spinning but it just stays on black screen. So i open up and take out my g card to reseat it and reseat both ram sticks, turn it back on and it starts up and all is good.Been doing this for months now, thought i'd live with it as i could still play games nicely(COHOF).

    Lately tho i've been getting regular bsods and non-posts with different code's showing up, like 0x0D1 and 0x0A with USB.Sys Address and others i cant remember. The bsods happen when its just idling on desktop or when i'm watching an avi. I tried my friends alpha dog 8800gt and ran 3dmark 06 and all went fine, but i didnt leave the card in their for too long as he needed back. Tried my 9800gt and ran 3dmark 06 and a bsod occured. So i thought it was my gcard, so i tried my pc with just onboard graphics and it did not bsod at all when idling or watching an avi. Then i tried my old 6600Le g card and it started up fine and idled fine, but once when i paused(relevant?) the avi it bsoded with an 0x7f code:
    BCCode: 7f
    BCP1: 00000005
    BCP2: 00000000
    BCP3: 00000000
    BCP4: 00000000
    This has happened only once, but with this card in my pc is already more stable as it starts up fine and no regular bsods like with my 9800gt in. Oh and i've tried different nvidia drivers from 178.13 to 181.22 with no luck...
    And if anyone was wondering i have tested both my ram sticks with memtest86+ 2.1 at least 2 hours in all possible configurations with the ram sticks and it showed no errors. And i've tried with xp and vista with clean installs. BTW no bsods while installing os's...Thanks for the help all:) Feels good to talk it out with a forum:).
  2. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

    Online Armor software is causing a problem, daemon tools is also causing a problem if it is installed, If you have Online Armor installed, uninstall it, do a registry cleanup with Ccleaner and restart. Hopefully that will stop the BSOD's... If not also uninstall Daemon Tools if you have it. Let us know if this doesn't help and we will take it from there!
  3. toto warrior

    toto warrior TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    Hey thers fastco! Sorry bout forgetting about this thread i started here. I moved it to the Bsod section. Sorry for not sharing that:). So ya if you wanna see developments on this issue go check Bsods under "help with bsods". And you were right to a degree, daemon tools was a culprit...but alas not the only one:(
  4. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

    Cool, as long as it everything is working again it's all good!
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