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Help with Dell Latitude D620 Password or Shorting Method

By wtf69wtf · 121 replies
Jun 16, 2007
  1. loonatic

    loonatic TS Rookie


    Hi Rustam!

    I have bought dell d620 laptop recently. It came even with docking station. Everything works fine, however unfortunately it also came with a bios password, which i dodn't expected.

    Now i cannot unlock it. Your help with that matter would be strongly appreciated!!!

    EXPRESS SERVICE CODE: 136-097-626-51
    ASSET TAG: UKLT06991

    Thanks a lot!!
  2. kearnage

    kearnage TS Rookie

    After so long searching the net I was so happy to find this site and find somebody that can help. I'm really hoping rustam_ is still around. I too have a Dell D620 which I can't get past the grey screen.

    Service Tag: #9XMVP2J-595B

    I would be sooooooooooooo greatful if rustam_ could help.

    Thanks in advance for any help I can get.
  3. eashimana

    eashimana TS Rookie

    how dit you get rid of the grey screen?
  4. Freddym

    Freddym TS Rookie

    Hi i have a dell latitude d610 and i need the bios password can anyone help the service tag# is 581R7B1-595B please answer asap
  5. xxdj

    xxdj TS Rookie

    Sir Rustam

    Sir Rustam,

    Im very happy to hear a happy stories about the password. I hope it will happen to me. I know that you are busy person, but PLEASE spare to read my problem. Me and my brother decided to buy at Ebay for DELL Latitude D610. Which is cheap. But we it delivered there is password in grey screen. PLEASE HELP ME TO HAVE MASTER PASSWORD. Im only working student.
    My SERVICE TAG: 51P5P71-595B, SERVICE CODE: 10986634189 (0 mean Zero)

    Thamks for you BIG HELP! Please PM or email at email removed
  6. themanwithaprob

    themanwithaprob TS Rookie

    please help me.....

    hello everybody, hello rustam....

    i have too the known problem with a dell latitude d620 with following

    Service Tag: BYM6R2J-595B
    Express Service Code: 260-37-222-51

    I bought it via ebay for my studies, the seller knows the problem and cannot help. a email contact with dell was not succesful, they cannot help without specific informations...

    I wait so long for this notebook, i was so lucky to buy it and then i cannot work with this.... I am a hardworking student, have many exams in this year....

    pleas rustam, you helped so many users here, please please please help me too...

    thanx forwards.....

    ps: my email is email removed
  7. chucklez1980lv

    chucklez1980lv TS Rookie


    This this is driving me crazy, O bought this laptop on ebay got it with a PW and cant get it off!!!!

    My service tag is: FG1C2C1-595B

    Express Service code: 33621436369

    email removed

  8. masber2000

    masber2000 TS Rookie

    Hello, Please Help!

    Hello Rustam-

    Helping my girlfriend who get D620 laptop from her brother, needs bios password:

    Express Service Code: 38377845793
    Service Tag#: HMP6FC1-595B

    Thank you kindly

    PRBROWN TS Rookie

    Dell Latitude PW reset

    Latitude D620
    Model EV620

    Asset TagG9WGYB1-595B

    need any other info? i'm new at this..:{
  10. giocezar

    giocezar TS Rookie

    hi rustam_, could you give me your help? I bought a Dell Latitude D620
    but I can´t access the Bios, It gives a gray screem

    SERVICE TAG: #B4Y11C1-595B
    EXPRESS SERVICE CODE: 242-436-257-29

    contact meemail removed
  11. katastyle

    katastyle TS Rookie

    Dell Latitude D620

    Hi all

    I need password plz

    This computer system: #4RGWV2J-595B

    Service Tag: 4RGWV2J

    Express service code: 103-681-232-11

    plz help me

    my email: email removed


    PRBROWN TS Rookie

    I, too, need help with a Dell Latitude D620. I bought it cheap because of the 'grey screen of death'.. Any help is appreciated.

    Service Tag: G9WGYB1-595B

    If you need the Express code or any other info, let me know.
  13. cybertrack

    cybertrack TS Rookie

    Dell Latitude D620 Gray Password screen HELP!!!!

    Hello all and MIGHTY Rustam!!!!I bought this dell Lat d620 for really low price for my younger brother leaving for college soon, i've done all i can to remove this gray password screen but no luck, i've removed cmos battery and all, I'm extremely frustrated and really, really, really, really, really need your help, i've tried dell cu service and they offered NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Pretty Please MIGHTY Rustam, hope you can help me out.


    Service Tag: 9XC3XB1

    Express Service Code: 21606763357

    Endless Thanks in advance MIGHTY Rustam!!
  14. ne@

    ne@ TS Rookie

    Hi rustam_,

    I need you help as well with a Dell Latitude D620. It has pass on both BIOS and HDD. How can I bypass them?

    Service# FQKCLC1-595B
    Express Service Code: 34258035457

  15. muckee

    muckee TS Rookie

    I've got the same problem with dell

    Is there any software that can calculate password
    Can anyone help me on this: Dell Latitude D620

    Service tag: 3V5ZV2J
    On screen code when it;s grey: #3V5ZV2J-595B
  16. who_cares

    who_cares TS Rookie

    try this master password

    ictkkch6 and press Ctrl+Enter
  17. jaybroski

    jaybroski TS Rookie

    Hello everybody!

    I'm locked out of my Dell Latitude c610.

    Service tag # is #6B1H411-595B

    Thanks in advance!

    PRBROWN TS Rookie

    I also have a D620 that I'm locked out of.

    Service Tag: G9WGYB1-595B

    Thanks in advance!
  19. predator25

    predator25 TS Rookie

    Service tag: 9XC3XB1-595B
    Code unlock: dc1sl8x8
  20. bellis

    bellis TS Rookie

    Dell Inspiron B120

    I don't know if the Password Generator for the D620 will work for the B120, but I'm up for a try.

    Inspiron B120
    ST: 2QRJD81-595B
    ESC: 5971938481

  21. who_cares

    who_cares TS Rookie

    ok so some codes will work :)

    Only thing I need now is the harddisk password d620.

    Anyone suggestions?
  22. bellis

    bellis TS Rookie

    WC - There is not a single code or set of codes to unlock these. EACH master code is UNIQUE to the computer that is locked. The master code is generated using the computer's Service Tag Number.

    So, if you want some help, you need to provide the necessary information. And your master unlock code (should you get one) WILL NOT work on another D620.
  23. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    tell me the serial of your HDD
  24. who_cares

    who_cares TS Rookie

    serial = S10XJ10P643000

    thanks for your help
  25. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    who_cares, this is not complete information. tell me, what's exactly written in your password promt screen for HDD(i.e., i'm interesting in full serial with mask)
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