Help with Dell Latitude D620 Password or Shorting Method

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Jun 16, 2007

    FFC4LIFE TS Rookie

    D620 Hard Drive Or Mboard Password D620! Desperate

    Can anybody help me get of the password request on a laptop I have swapped the m/board but my hard drive still wants one.
  2. markblu

    markblu TS Rookie

    hello i recieved 2 dell laptops from a friend. anyways he gave them to me thinking i could unlock the passwords in the bios to be able to boot from cd and restore windows to a fresh copy. one was a d610 which i fixed by sticking the hard drive into MY d610, reinstalling windows, and putting it back into the protected d610 and it works i just cannot unlock the bios to turn on the wireless devices. the other is a d620 oh man this one looks nice BUT there is a sys password at the beginning i cannot get through no matter what. its that white screen or w/e. it would be so awesome if i could get into the bios of the d620 i dont care about the d610 anymore. the computer system number is 90CGMB1-595B. i would love you forever, not really, but yea.

    right as of now this is what my computer looks like hah





    no luck finding the 24c02 chip on other dells. i heard this one doesn't even have that chip, AFTER i took it all apart.

    well any ideas people? please... :(
  3. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    markblu, tell me HDD serial number as it looks in bios pasword screen.
  4. 72ls1

    72ls1 TS Rookie

    I just bought this laptop to replace one that was stolen. I turned it on and get a grey screen to logon.

    This is the tag number when the computer boots up.

    I would appreciate any help you could provide.

    Edit/Delete Message
  5. markblu

    markblu TS Rookie

    hmm, i wish i could get into the bios. the only serial number of any type is on the password screen and it's the service tag i'm pretty sure? #90CGMB1-595B and it says it will take a system or administrator password. i'm not sure if the hdd has a password yet i hope not !! puke:
  6. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    markblu, so you have the admin password, not hdd password.
  7. markblu

    markblu TS Rookie

    yessir it is asking for the admin password (the computer itself is password protected, before the cmos output or anything). i cannot access the bios _at all_ the only thing the computer is good for right now is a paperweight! ahh! dell is no help :( :( :( :( they say they can provide no support unless i contact the original owner, which is not possible as my friend got it from a pawn shop, he doesn't know them, and the pawn shop said simply that their privacy policy didn't allow them to give me that kind of information. will i ever be able to use this laptop??? it has to be possible because dell can do it i'm sure... incase someone forgets what pass they set... or a child sets a pass? any ideas people? thanks!
  8. tjelly

    tjelly TS Rookie

    Need help with master password please

    Need help with master password please
    dell d600
    service tag is 3y59m41
  9. sd102884

    sd102884 TS Rookie



    Latitude D620

    EXPRESS: 15052619197

    thank you
  10. darknevilx5

    darknevilx5 TS Rookie

    Latitude D620

    My D620 is BIOS password locked. Help please!!!

    Service Tag: 58T0P2J-595B

    Please help me
  11. kaoss

    kaoss TS Rookie

    Lost password on Latitude D620 please help

    I have a Dell Latitude D620 and lost the password to it. My 12 year old girl changed the password and she forgot it. Please help.
  12. IcedEarth83

    IcedEarth83 TS Rookie

    oh god

    Same problem here guys...bought this notebook for my brother from Ebay, now i get the grey password screen...

    I beg u to help me :(

    Dell Latitude D620

    Service Tag : 9VBSD2J
    Express Service : 214-852-915-63

    Thanks for everything, in advance ;)
  13. ndoan84

    ndoan84 TS Rookie

    I am desperately in need of help on this as well. :(

    I've tried the lattitude.exe or LatitudeMaster_PW.exe but no use. So here's the details:

    A friend of mine gave me the laptop, he forgot the password for whatever reason. He doesn't even remember whether it's HDD or BIOS admin password, i spent hours trying to figure out. I even opened the laptop and removed the CMOS battery which no use. I know dell use EEPROM to save the password.

    I need some of your expertise please :(.


    Dell Latitude Model: D505
    Service Tag: H50GP41-595B
    Express Code: 37308409633

    Tried: 5TEN74ND (provided by latitude.exe) did notWORK!

    Please help? I really need to reload everything on this laptop.

    Thank you so very much in advance! My Emai: email removed
  14. mflanaga

    mflanaga TS Rookie

    Same problem...

    Hi everyone, a friend of mine is having the same problem as most of you.

    She bought a D620 Dell off of eBay and can't get on because of the grayscreen password protection. She also can't seem to get ahold of the person she bought it from...

    Service Tag - HLTF9C1-595B
    Express Service - 38324510209

    Has anyone had any luck getting into it through any kind of method?
  15. matako

    matako TS Rookie

    I have a d620 I have searching for the master password all over with no luck
    can someone please help me.

    service code: 4DTLCB1-595b
    Express service code : 9542894221

  16. Chan_screwed

    Chan_screwed TS Rookie

    Latitude D620

    Hey guys,
    I have a dell latitude d620 and well as might be obvious, i just realised that i dont have the BIOS admin password to it. I am trying to upgrade from vista home basic to home premium but it wont let me do it.

    So i dont have any grey screen, i can enter my BIOS settings with F2 but i need the admin password to change settings.

    The BIOS version is : A02

    can someone please help me out on this and give me a reset method? or a master override password? thanks...
  17. cucinno

    cucinno TS Rookie


    Please HELP. I have bought Dell D620 on ebay (yes i know, i am *****!), when i switch on only grey screen: 9S2RD2J-595B.
    Service TAG: 9S2RD2J
    Express service code: 212-887-298-35
    Please, evrybody, can you send me my password?
    Thank you!!!!!
  18. Obi

    Obi TS Enthusiast

  19. cucinno

    cucinno TS Rookie

    Is here any way to unclock D620, or i can use it like big cofee pad? :-(

  20. mslaw

    mslaw TS Rookie

    Please HELP with Dell Latitude D620 BIOS Administrator Password Reset

    I have a D620 and my ex-computer spec local service locked the bios and forgot the password. The laptop is now stopped for that.

    Serwis TAG JQKGV2J
    express Service Code 429-653-640-43
    Bios V A07
    or Hard disk #BPAX2KJWMVG-595B

    Please help me

    Thanks a lot
  21. ankedo7000

    ankedo7000 TS Rookie

    I can't get on because of the grayscreen password protection.

    service code: #GHPRF2J-595B
    Express service code : 358-997-120-11
    Could enybody help me?
  22. morsepc

    morsepc TS Rookie

    i am having alot of trouble with my latitude d620 bios password.
    was wondering if the man rustam_ was still around to help out?

    my info is as follows
    service tag: 5hymfc1
    ex service code: 11969989921
    grey screen code: nj10lc04495-595b

    please contact me asap
  23. citytech

    citytech TS Rookie

    Dell 620
    I need to unlock HHD password the computer system is #1NS6WC1-595B
    can anyone have a master password for Dell 620
    thanks in advance
  24. ankedo7000

    ankedo7000 TS Rookie

    No one helps here, as if the subject was on hold
  25. jo_uno79

    jo_uno79 TS Rookie

    Dell Hdd Password

    I have a similar problem that you fix for another guy...
    Hd password protection for a DELL Latitude 620 :


    Thanks in advanced !

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