Help with download trojan on T30

By Philrevell
Oct 11, 2003
  1. At first my imb T30 labtop running winXP Pro began to dump pysical memory blue screen crash. Next my norton anti virus popped up and said you are infected with virus named chad and cannot repair. Computer did not respond to anything at that point so I had to shut power off. Eventually reebooted normally again at which point I ran full system scans. Scan found one infection of file called tinybar.exe which I quarantined. I went to notons web site and ran their webscan which reported 3 files A0019750.exe, A0013707.exe, A0011611.exe infected with download.trojan virus. Using norton antivirus 2002 with latest definition I ran full scan again and it found no infections.

    I feel my labtop is still heavily infected and I am losing faith in norton anti-virus very quickly. My labtop continues to be very unstable crashing with dumps and software crashes mostly with adobe software.

    Please can anyone suggest good corrective action. I have read the suggests by norton with this virus stating I should turn off system restore & boot to safe mode but I don't know how to do this with ibm T30 xp pro labtop. Is there a repair patch file out there for this infection.

    THX for any help.
  2. Rick

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    Disabling system restore is the same for all computers as it is on your IBM thinkinpad. You can find instructions online very easily."windows+xp"

    Keep an open mind about your blue screen as it may be toally unrelated to your virus. Also, viruses can damage to your operating system and even if you delete the virus itself, Windows is still screwed up.

    Many different hardware problems can also cause blue screens. Any idea what those screens say? Often times, software blue-screens give a name of a file. Like "winnt.sys has cause a fatal error" blah blah.

    If it looks like a software problem, a system repair usually fixes that. XP by Installing Over top of Existing Setup:
  3. Philrevell

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    Rick thanks

    I was able to disable sys restore and boot to safe mode and run norton full scan in which norton found no viruses. However I still feel my labtop is infected.
    Do you know of a good virus scan removal tool that really does the job and can clean a infected computer (eg creates a bootable CD and runs full scan at boot and cleans)

  4. Rick

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    The most sure way to catch any viruses on your computer is to try some of the free online virus scanners. They are free and always 100% up to date and there are a variety to choose from. The catch is, they will not remove your viruses.. But they WILL detect them and then you can decide what to do from these results.

    As long as your virus definitions are up to date, Norton does an excellent job of detecting virus. It's honestly one of the most accurate virus scanners out there. If it says there are no viruses, then it is probably right.

    But for peace of mind, you may want to try symantec's free online virus scanner, as well as PCcillan / trend micro and McAffee's too.

    I am not aware of any virus scanner that can boot outside of the XP environment and scan NTFS (Windows XP) file systems. But I'd like to think one exists.
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