Malware removal help, please and thank you!


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Hi, I'm pretty sure I have some malware. One big symptom: Chrome's default search engine keeps switching to Yahoo. Here's the content of my Farbar logs, but first, please note: after I ran the Farbar Scan, my Avast said "We've blocked FRST64.exe because it was infected with IDP.Generic." I couldn't do anything until I cleared that dialog from Avast. It gave me the choices "quarantine" or "more options." I chose quarantine... I hope that wasn't a bad move! Anyway, now here are my logs:
Hi, the forum has not been letting me paste my logs, even though I've tried to do so in parts smaller than 50K characters... I get some error message about the "browser console..."

Actually please just disregard my request. I'll come back another time if I need to. Thanks.