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Sep 14, 2008
  1. I wasnt sure what area to post this, so I apologize in advance if this was incorrect. I am having problems sending email using Outlook Express. I keep getting error messages, and the emails get put in the outbox. I wasnt real clear when setting OE up, so maybe i made some mistakes along the way. Also, is there a way to make windows choose a different way to send email rather than use OE? For example Im using a site and I click the link to send an email, and it opens OE for me automatically. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    There are other email clients, but Outlook Express is usually the most supported (and likely what your ISP suggests to use)

    Talking about your ISP (Internet Service Provider) They usually have a Setup configuration support area for setting up users email. You may want to check your ISP support site for this. As most are specific to your Internet connection and provider (especially things like Incomming/Outgoing Mail server and DNS entries)

    Try your ISP for more specific help
    Also don't confuse "Webmail" with your "Local mail"
    Webmail, must be done online, even to view your messages
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    And to echo what's been said:
    The first think you need to do is make sure the settings are correct in OE. This is not difficult, but the ISP has to give you the server information.

    Once set up, you must choose what you want for your default email. Yours is OE. Whenever you send mail, it's going to go out through the default mail program.

    We NEED the error message you're getting when you try to send mail. Copy it and paste it here (Ctrl V)

    It sounds like the Outgoing Mail server isn't set up correctly. And if you have one email 'stuck' in the Outbox, you won't be able to get other emails out until it removed.
  4. pfexpress

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    OE error message

    Sorry this took so long, but Ive been without power for almost a week. Here is the error message I get when trying to send emails through OE. Thanks in advance for the help.
    The service is currently unavailable. Try again later. Account: 'Hotmail', Server: '', Protocol: HTTPMail, Server Response: 'Service Unavailable', Port: 0, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 804, Socket Error: 87, Error Number: 0x800CCCF0
  5. kimsland

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    So you are trying to set up your web Hotmail account on your local email account?
    What about your local email account to your ISP ? is that working?
    It would be best to ask your ISP to help you set up your local email account, and leave Hotmail out of the equation for the moment
  6. CCT

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    Open OE - click Tools, Accounts.

    What account(s) do you have?
  7. Bobbye

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    This should help out:
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