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By rh348877
Dec 1, 2008
  1. Hello,

    First time here and thought I would see if I could get some help. I have a virus/spyware that is really bothering me.

    It changed my desktop background to a blue screen that says "Warning: Spyware threat has been detected on your PC. Along with some links.

    I get random webpage popups. I get security alets that say my computer is infected.

    My task manager is disabled.

    I have Spybot search and destroy on my PC but when I click to open it Spybot won't even open.

    I read through the 8 steps to remove spyware sticky and I started going through them and I downloaded Malwarebytes and when I click to open it the program won't even start.

    Can anyone help? Please?
  2. rf6647

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    Welcome to TS. It's regrettable that this thread was not acknowleged in a timely manner. I am trying to anticipate your needs.

    First -
    Afterwards -

    Presently, the method being used for this type of infestation (non-plug and play) is becoming more ‘typical’.

    Successive scans are used to uncover additional infections, since masking is common with many infestations. When a tool reports something it can not clean, that's when the strategy calls for a stronger scanner. The sequence for applying the scanners begins with the standard scanners (fully updated) and ends with the stronnger cleaner, with a side benifit that it adds information about the comparative effectiveness among the tools.

    The TDSS exploit (among other non-plug and play driver exploits) is quite the rage. The temptation is to package a method for this. However, the result would be quite lengthy and possibly confusing, since it is not possible to anticipate contributing factors.

    We will supplement our guide with a special scan / tool.

    Overview -
    • Update both scanners (MBAM, SAS). MBAM version 1306 is many weeks old!
    • ComboFix is a very effective tool that scans / fixes hard to clean infections. Additionally, it includes diagnostic information.
    • Uninstall old copy of ComboFix - if tool was used previously

    Supplement to guide. Successive scans used to uncover additional infections.
    • Update both MBAM & SAS. Rerun them both.

    • This effort is complete when logs report NO infections/threats, or reporting something it can not clean.

    • Follow ComboFix instructions referenced below.

    • Scan with HJT. (part of instructions for ComboFix)

    • Posts logs. Report progress & what changes are observed. Include logs that found infections.

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