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Jan 25, 2012
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  1. Hi, i'm considering purchasing a tablet in February i'm in the UK, and was wondering if anyone can recommend a good one for around £300-£350. I will be using it for reading books(PDF/Microsoft Reader files), internet browsing, watching movies and maybe playing an occasional game or two. I really hate Apple so no Ipad recommendations please. Can anyone help?
  2. Great1122

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    Sony s1 tablet is te best tablet out in my opinion. Has full android market so I'm positive you'll be able to find your reader, comes with original ps one titles like crash bandicoot, and can watch movies, it's around $400 for 16gb and I think $500 for 32 gb so I think that's in your price range of £300-350 just check with your local Sony reseller.
  3. andy06shake

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    Thank for your help above people, im looking for a tablet that has also has an SD port so i can upgrade from the 16/32Gb configuration at a later date. Im thinking Asus Transformer TF101 for £304., can anyone give me some more input regarding this tablet or simalar?
  4. Great1122

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    The Asus Tranformer is the only other tablet I'd recommend, but why stop at the tf101? the TF201 is much better with a quad core processor, and a better battery life. I understand that the $500 translates to £500, which makes no sense but it's the way things work, so if you can consider ordering it online from a US store that ships internationally I think you might be able to get it shipped to your location for £350, here is a store I found that ships internationally, if you don't want to do that then the TF101 would be your next best choice, I don't think the playbook, touchpad, or ideapad can beat it.
  5. hage1704

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    i think u should think about the ipad eventhoug may be a little bit more expensive
    i also thinking about to buy one and i think the ipad is the best choice especially if u wait a little bit, with the ipad 3 in march, the ipad 2 price migth goes down
  6. hage1704

    hage1704 TS Rookie

    ops, sorry i didnt notice u hate apple hehe anyway good luck in your search

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