HELP With tv tuner+Capture Card

By chin_gon
May 6, 2006
  1. Ok hello all
    here is my problem one of my friends gave me this Airlink101 TV Tuner+Capture PCI Card. I inserted the card, installed drivers and programs, and all of that connected the cables. The problem is that I hear sound but i dont see display.... the FM tuner work good but when i try to watch the tv thingy like i said i hear sound but i dont see the video...
    The Model # for the card is ATVPCI883
    My system info:
    AMD Athlon 64 processor 3000+
    2ghz, 1.25 RAM
    RADEON 9550 256mb
    Asus K8v-x motherboard
    Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2
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