Help with U10C018 cable modem connecting to a router

By PCTechie316
May 6, 2010
  1. Hey guys,

    I got a buddy who got a ubee U10C018 modem from his isp. He's trying to hook it up to his router, and doesnt seem to wanna give the router an ip.

    I tried finding information on this modem, and research has come up pretty dull.

    it seems that there is no default factory - or master reset anywhere on the modem, or even in the modem's config page.

    I haven't been to his house to look at it yet. But he has a mac airport extreme.

    The only 2 possibilities i can think of. Is the modem is looking for a specific mac address, that the router needs to spoof in order for it to work.

    Or that airport or airlink he has, the default gateway is out of sink or out of range for the modem. I'm not sure if the airport routers, use as default gateway. I think the default gateway for an extreme is or something close to that.

    Any help or tips is appreciated.
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