Help with XP Memory Dump Files (System Error Cat 102 Event ID 1003)

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My machine here at work started recently going through a frequent reboot cycle (maybe once an hour) and also constantly getting an Error Report of "The system as recovered from a serious error". Sometimes, I can click "Don't Send" and 2 seconds later it pops back up. I have run Chkdsk to recover any disk errors (and there were some) but this hasn't resolved the issue.

I was wondering if I could get some help reading the memory dumps? I'm trying to figure out how to interpret these, but so far have not found much. Attached are some of the most recent dumps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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All five minidumps report error 0x00000035: NO_MORE_IRP_STACK_LOCATIONS
In theory, this is a driver or other software issue, which encounters a stack problem. In practice, it has historically pointed to a driver problem and also occurs when RAM itself is flawed.

All five point to the same Symantec driver symevent.sys as the cause of your issues.

* This driver appears here a lot and we have lost count of the number of people that have had issues with Symantec/Norton. Your options are the following:

1. Update Symantec

2. Uninstall and reinstall.

3. Completely uninstall and go with much better solutions. If you decide to go this route be aware that Symantec/Norton are notoriously known for leaving remanants of itself behind and causing issues with a system. It is such a problem that Symantec had to create a special Removal Toll for each and every version they have. It is to be used after you do a normal uninstall.

* Also, I strongly suggest for security sake to update to Service Pack 3.
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Thanks for the help on finding where it is pointing. I couldn't pilfer my way through with WinDbg well enough to find out what was going wrong. This is something I will try to learn more about.

This is actually a work computer, and our antivirus is managed through the IT department (server). We left Symantec a long time ago and have gone with TrendMicro. I'd say they made the switch around 2 months ago (if not longer). I will look into the symantec removal tool, but I don't know what version they had installed on here. Talked to the IT guy earlier (he was here yesterday and basically ran a Chkdsk /r and defragged the computer) and he is talking about potentially just wiping the machine and starting fresh. I'm not totally opposed to this, as this hard drive is put through a lot with all the calculations that get run through it (I do RF planning for a wireless cellular company).

I did not even realize this wasn't on SP3 (like I said, work computer). I will update it ASAP


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Your answer confirms what we know about this software: It leaves driver remnants behind and thus conflicts with a different security software resulting in system crashes.

Thanks for getting back to us.
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