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Jul 1, 2008
  1. I have some questions about problems relating to some games of mine.

    1. When I bought Knights of the Old Republci the disc was damaged( I didn't notice this until after the return date was over). I managed to play through it and beat it before problems occured, but then my hard drive died without warning and I lost everything. I'm trying to reinstal it but the drive wont read it because it's too damaged. Is there any way to still play it?
    1a. A problem I've had with KOTOR(1 and 2) is that it frequently crashes. Is there any mod to fix this?
    2. After learning my lesson, I want to backup my gaming files, but I have a questions. What files do I need to backup to save my COD4 profile? I found the file but it doesn't have data for online. Where can I find this?
  2. woody1191

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    If your disk is damaged you can try taking it to a games shop or a computer store some of them have expensive disk repair machines which would cost about £1000 something like that here and they charge about £2-3 to repair each disk they've always worked for me although I've only had 2 of mine repaired mainly my brothers disks which have the most damage.
    What they do is shave 1-2 layers of the disk off which are made of some sort of plastic which protects the main part of the disk and then replace it, thats only if these scratches or marks are shallow.

    Just copy all the save files or folders and game data as well to a memory stick or external hard drive, as for your Online profile i would assume that the main data is stored on their server and that all you would have to remember is the username and password.
  3. mopar man

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    woody1191 is correct. The best bet is to take it to the local Gamestop, etc. and if you are in the US they usually charge $5, so yeah.

    Yes, I have almost no doubt that the data is stored on their server.
  4. Neji49

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    Alright,but I don't think I used a username or password for COD4. Anyways some new problems have sprung up so I have a bit mroe questions
    1.When certain games(Battlefield 2,Spore Demo) save data they save it to my documents. I would rather, for organizational purposes have them go directly to my games. How do I change the directory?
    2. I have several old games that I wish to play and am wondering whether they'll work with DX10. Or will I still have to use DX9?
    3.In order to preserve my data I saved all of my games to a second hard disk. Now I've loaded Vista onto a new one, and placed the second one in my system. For Call of Duty 4, it gets past the loading screen, then says you need 5mb of space on the game disk or something like that. For all of my other games it asks to install the game again. Is there any way to solve this problem or do I have to reinstall everything?
  5. mopar man

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    If they don't support DX10, then it has to be 9. You will have to reinstall the games, most likely, as it needs registry values, etc.
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