Here's how you can play Rocket League in Halo 5

By Shawn Knight
Feb 12, 2016
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  1. Rocket League was one of the surprise hits of 2015. The highly addictive soccer-style game is heading to Xbox One later this month, but what if you can't wait that long? If you happen to have Halo 5, you can get your fix right now with this Rocket League-inspired multiplayer map from map maker TurbTastic.

    In the Halo 5 version of Rocket League, players ride on the game's Ghost vehicles and attempt to push a ball into the opponent's goal. Unlike an earlier version, this version actually keeps score through the clever use of scripting and teleporters. There's a small version for 2-6 players with one ball and a larger version for 8-16 players with three balls.

    If you'd rather wait for the real thing, it'll be landing on Xbox One on February 17.

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