Hi everyone, long time no see, been listening to animenfo learning about iPod Touch

By Rukasuzu
Oct 16, 2010
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  1. Hi everyone, Long time no see, been listening to animenfo and I also been watching anime that I got from a friend as well learning about IpodTouch. I am going to buy IpodTouch 4th Gen the 32 GB model really soon. I don't won't to have any contracts so that is why I am choosing IpodTouch 4th gen. IpodTouch 4 th Gen has a4 chip 1GHZ and 260 mb of ram. It has a fast browser retina display and a 2 cameras and built in Microphone. I have been trying to make winamp skins again as well. I just got My Ipod Touch 4th Gen 32 GB and it is awesome last Saturday, I am loving it, have to charge it 4 hours for full battery use but that's fine and its a finger print magnet and it doesn't bother me

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