Hint of Athlon 64 performance rate

By Julio Franco
Jun 17, 2003
  1. Hint of Athlon 64 performance rates

    AMD has been very quiet about the whole Athlon 64 situation, and although the official release is still expected for the end of this September, we have all been wondering about actual MHz rates and if the processors will carry a PR rating or not.

    One AMDZone reader found a pretty good hint of what we should expect for the first batch of Athlon 64s: "this pdf on HP's site that reveals an Athlon 64 3100+ powered computer with the CPU runs at 1.8GHz. It uses the VIA K8T400M chipset for the motherboard. So we have a speed rating, a MHz, and learn that HP is planning a system."

    Let's remember we are still months away from official release & AMD has been showing these 1.8GHz CPUs for sometime now (now we get to know a PR rating), I'm hoping for speedier models that will hopefully will bring a whole new level of performance to the masses.

    As a side note, AMD today introduced three new mobile Athlon XP-M chips today, taking the line to 2800+ performance and beefing up the chip's low-voltage product family with 1900+ and 2000+ models.
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