How can I delete driver not found add/remove or window+break

By nes83
Nov 23, 2008
  1. i tried installing some drivers to allow my ps3 controller to be a gamepad. for some reason they didnt work so i tried uninstalling, but for some reason the uninstall was unsuccesful. i went to add/remove programs and selected the program, removed drivers from the list but when i try to reinstall it says i have to remove the old drivers first. when i search computer for the drivers it shows some of the files but when i try to delete it tells me access is denied they may be in use. if someone could please help me out i would appreciate it i really want to get this ps3 controller working for gamepad. thanks
  2. Eric Legge

    Eric Legge TS Rookie Posts: 132

    I take it that you're using Windows XP/Vista.

    Have you tried running System Restore to restore a restore point that predates the problem?

    It is under Program Files => Accessories => System Tools

    Doing that usually gets rid of botched driver installations, because the previous system files are reinstated.
  3. nobardin

    nobardin TS Rookie Posts: 256

    Have you tried restarting in safe mode then deleting the old files? There are a couple of ways to get into safe mode:

    1: restart your computer.after the bios POST screen tap F8 and select safe mode from the list

    2: Click start--->run--->type msconfig and click OK or press enter and the system configuration window opens. Click the BOOT.ini tab and tick the box beside safeboot then click ok. You will be asked to restart your computer. Click restart and your computer will start in safe mode.

    If you do option 2, after you are finished with safe mode Click start--->run--->type msconfig and click OK or press enter and the system configuration window opens. On the General tab put the dot in normal startup and click will be prompted to restart your restart and your computer will start normally.

    Please let us know if this resolves your issue...Please note: You should only delete driver files that you are certain are associated with what you are wanting to remove. If you delete the wrong ones you can cause major probems with your computer.
  4. nes83

    nes83 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    ok i tired the safemode way and it did work. i have a question about the restore point. i have lots of files in mid-download etc if i did a restore would it lose the saved data/corrupt the dl?
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