How can I get ms-dos 6.22 to recognize laptop cd-rom connected by pcmcia card?

By Config\what?
Jun 15, 2005
  1. I am new to this formum. I am trying to find a way to do reload win98se on on laptop hard drive that I reformatted to ms-dos 6.22 for a "clean install". The cd-rom connects to the laptop by means of a type 2 pcmcia card which can't be used with the win98 floppy boot disk because the startup disk only has the oakcdrom.sys + mscdex.exe drivers which are not compatible with pcmcia card. Therefore the win98se start up floppy can not find a cd-rom. The laptop is a Sony Vaio PCG-505FX and apparently there are dos drivers for the pcmcia card. Is it possible to copy this driver to the dos directory and modify the config.sys and autoexec.bat files so that the cdrom drive is recognized in dos without using the startup disk? It seems that the startup disk over-writes the config and autoexec files when just dos 6.22 is installed.

    The other solution is remove the laptop hard drive and use an adapter to install it it in a desktop and load win98se by means of the desktops cd-rom. The hard drive is not externally removeable so I would like to avoid doing this if at all possible. Any suggestions, and thanks in advance,

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    additional info

    The computer's bios recognizes the cd-rom connected by pcmcia on startup. Win2000 and WinXP Home will load as they have pcmcia support. This computer has cpu P MMX 266 and max 96 ram. I have not gotten it to shut down properly with Win2000 after doing all the MS updates (the version of Win2000 came with service pack 2, and will shut down with an message "Safe to shutdown computer) prior to doing all the critical MS updates. After updating it initially starts shutdown but stops with an error message, dumps memeory and must be manually shut down from a blue error message screen. I initially thought that the problem might be with some of Sony's original software but I removed all that and it shut down OK until after installing numerous security updates. It may be that this rig just doen't have enough juice due to older cpu, limitted ram, and other hardware issues) to handle newer OSs . Win2000 will not allow me to go back to win98se. So I would still like to know if there is some other way to install Win98SE without removing the hard drive or by to adding the appropriate drivers to ms-dos 6.22 to support the pcmcia card for a win98se reboot so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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