how can I get my GeForce 4 mx440se card running in agp with k7ama mobo?

By Tam
Mar 2, 2003
  1. AFAIK, all that shows up on windows 2k display properties is
    agp (pci). AGP texturing shows up disabled when I run DX8.1 troubleshooter, and the card runs 100 fps slower under the Divine Divinity test applet, than my old ATI Radeon VE 32meg card.
    I have downloaded the latest detonator drivers from nvidia, 41.xx
    plus the latest agp miniport driver from ALi (version 1.90) and it still won't play nice.

    I heard there is a problem running GeForce 2 and above cards in agp mode with the ALi M1545 chipset, I just don't know how to fix it. I didn't pay the money for an AGP card just to run the thing in (very slow) PCI mode.

    Please help.
    Tam :confused:
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