How can I reduce dust build up?

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Aug 4, 2009
  1. captaincranky

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    I had a pair of JBL D-130 s w 075 ring radiators, staggering efficiency. these woofers were designed in 1947. They were probably a contributing factor in James B. Lansing's suicide, which I was told may have been brought on, at least in part, by people infringing on his patents.

    The most trick part of the woofers was the tuned magnetic circuit, Despite the 12+ pound magnet structure, any iron or steel placed on the back of the speaker would simply drop off. That's right boys and girls all the flux field went directly to the 4" voice field. Ah, the glory days when men were men, and loudspeaker magnets were made of Alnico.

    I think that Klipsch "La Scalas" are still available. Those are a more direct equivalent to the Altecs you're describing. Still only $5800.00 a pair
  2. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,975   +2,527

    I'm thinking that you have to pull the fan to clean them, and I'm going to stick with the 5 HP compressor in the living room, and blow my cases out with that. The filter in the front of the centurion is a big PIA. If it ever wears out, maybe I'll try Scotch Brite.
  3. red1776

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    ...gee that old La' Salle ran great.....

    you know this topic always makes fondly recall what are my 'good ole days' and something that I believe was better then, then it is now. I was in the garage a while back perusing my album collection as i am want to do. when a young neighborhood teen stopped in , perhaps curious of what i was doing, and asked me "what are those?''
    in semi surly manner I asked rather rhetorically, "your kidding right?''. it seems this lad had not ever seen a record album. and I spent the next twenty minutes making him sorry he asked I suppose, as i waxed nostalgic about my good ole days. I have this indefatigable
    memory of my dad and the extra fuss it took to 'un-sleeve ' the album and run the black velvet attached to a miniature walnut brick once around the grooves before gently lowering the stylus on it. Somehow it made the music that came from it more of a treat. I suppose its a cliche that whenever one of us who remembers this is asked why we think albums are better, we inevitably answer "they just have a warmer sound".....and they do dammit! and the gentle pops that accompany even the most tirelessly maintained albums are part of the charm...and warmth.
    So while i have turned into quite a techno geek of sorts, my giant speakers and vinyl collection are not going anywhere and will remain here in my solipsistic bubble. Whenever an unsuspecting kid asks me "what are those?" or who Elvis or The Ventures were. they will likely get the same 20 minutes of my fond memories followed by a brisk "go away kid...ya bug me".......hey!, maybe these are the good ole days!:haha:
  4. Adhmuz

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    Well put red, well put. Even though I probably am nothing more than some young kid to you, I do understand what you are on about.
  5. red1776

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    was tongue and cheek Ad, no offense meant :) just me prattling on while up all night with my sick daughter.
  6. captaincranky

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    And to top that off, once the heat spreader is put on, they become immune to dust. Ergo, you could then run the computer at a construction site with no ill effect. (This assumes solid state HDD, and no optical drives).
    First, I'm really quite familiar with any number of tools, from a number of different disciplines.

    Second, I'm not going to confuse vanity and obsession with necessity.

    So, with all of the foregoing in mind, I think I'll pick up my woodworking tools and build my computer something I believe that it's really entitled to, and that's an altar.
    Besides, you could always use it as well disguised plenum chamber to prefilter the intake air.

    Don't tell me I can't separate fact from compulsive fantasy.
  7. SNGX1275

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    Dryer Sheets. Possibility of making your room smell better too. And they are much cheaper than the other suggestions (although don't look as good - unless you can hide them).
  8. captaincranky

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    Don't Get all Bent....I'm Just .. >>> JOKING..! <<<

    Couldn't agree with you more, cheap available and perhaps even easy to use.

    Besides, what could be more satisfying surfing for porn, than with a computer that smells like a freshly washed pair of women's panties....!

    Of course there is a downside. Be prepared for some problem threads asking questions like;

    Why does my computer smell like a terrorist attack on a laundromat? or perhaps,

    like a, " hand grenade thrown into a douche factory".

    Please make sure to obtain "hypoallergenic" dryer sheets, or be prepared to have plenty of pseudoephedrine and benadryl nearby.
  9. johnehoffman

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    Just blow the dust out


    Keep it simple.

    The purpose of filters is generally to keep dirt out of moving parts and inaccessible areas (like long ducts in home and industrial air conditioning systems). Computers are compact, with easily accessible interiors, and have few moving parts. The most critical moving parts, hard disks, are sealed. Thus, filters are much less necessary in computers than in other kinds of equipment.

    Any filter you put in the airflow of a computer will impair the airflow and cooling -- particularly if you are not conscientious about changing or cleaning them -- and most will still let some dust through.

    The best (and least expensive) solution is to just open the case once a month, vacuum out what you can with a small computer vacuum tool, and then use compressed air to blow out the rest.

    Keeping the floor clean (and vacuuming any carpeting in the room will help reduce the amount of dust around the computer as will using a room air cleaner.
  10. red1776

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  11. captaincranky

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    So What Else Is New.....?

    I've already said most of this. That which I haven't, has been mentioned by others

    The thread continues due to the fact it perhaps it hasn't; (A) become as funny as it could possibly be. (B) become as outrageous or over the top as it could be, or (C) it's too ornery to die of it's own volition! In furtherance of the (A) and (B) aspects, I present the following for your reading enjoyment.

    The vanity aspect of air filters for ones PC cannot be discounted. So, it is natural and honest to confuse that with their necessity. I couldn't agree with you more that there exists the possibility that they might impede airflow through the case. It is to the resolution of this handicap that I offer this humble suggestion. The case should be fitted with an "extractor" type exhaust system, like those typically found on the average sport motorcycle. This would be functional, and could be expanded to assuage the vanity of any particular individual owner, by attaching chrome "fishtail" exhaust extensions to the pipes. Further contributing to the machisimo of the aforementioned rig would be this browser theme for Firefox; For additional enhancement of your computing enjoyment, a recording of an actual motorcycle could be played during the experience. :rolleyes:
  12. red1776

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    last night i got really.....small....i walked around inside my computer, you know just to see how much dust was really in there man......there was a fly in there...he looked confused, and asked me if i knew the way out...i said yeah man...over there by the white rabbit and his tea. I asked if he wanted to hang for a while and listen to the sax man....but he had to go....and so he did. filters man? for this cat.
  13. andy06shake

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    Greatness courts failure. The Sun preceeds the Moon, And & as we run around in glee wee sometimes miss and do not see the filters im getting!
  14. captaincranky

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    Far Out......Psychedelic Even......

    One pill makes you larger,
    One pill makes you small;
    And the ones that mother gives you,
    Don't do anything at all.
    And if you go chasing rabbits,
    And you think you're going to fall
    Go ask Alice, I think she'll know.........

    With deepest apologies to Grace Slick. Lewis Carroll, and also, The Jefferson Airplane.
  15. Tedster

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    Here in Iraq, dust and sand are always an issue. You got to have a can of compressed air at all times to blow crap out.

    Filters work for a little while, but they end up being dust magnets. I have heard of guys getting a nylon stocking or pantyhose and putting them over air filters on trucks out here in the desert to help. Seems to work somewhat. Don't know if it will work on computers as well.
  16. captaincranky

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    But Where Do the Pantyhose Come From...........Well...?

    For a computer with any dignity, just a pair of pantyhose would be an effront!

    Mine will blue screen, if I don't accompany the hosiery with at least dozen roses, a pound of chocolates, and a card.

    But, after that, (an a couple of drinks), she doesn't struggle when I pull off her side covers.
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