How can I use my Full HD notebook as PS3 Monitor?

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Hello, this is my first time I come on the Techspot forums. So please don't bash/flame/rant on me for no reason because I forgot something. (Bad experience with gaming forums hehe)

So, I got the following question.

Is it possible to use my notebook as monitor for my PS3?

I got a "Sony VAIO - VGN-AR71S"
Full HD Entertainment Notebook
(1080p & Blu-ray reading 'n writing)

For specific things please check my link -
Just check "VGN-AR71S" in google, since I can't post images or links yet (1st post)

I do have an HDMI cable which fits in the HDMI Output.
But I guess I need an input If I want to use my laptop as monitor.


Can someone give me some information or help what I might do?
If it's not possible, it's ok, but I just want to play PS3 on my laptop :p

Thanks for reading


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It can be done on the computer bench, but it is difficult, complicated, and cumbersome.
Your laptop can export to another monitor, but has no practical way to inport from system where it can be driven by our laptop setup.
cannot understand why you would like to do this.
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