How do I copy a bootable usb drive?

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May 4, 2009
  1. to copy it to another usb drive . The other usb drive should also become bootable automatically..
  2. AdriMagnon

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    I think it depends. If you mean copy like drive imaging it or using Linux's DD command then yes it should become bootable. If you mean just dragging and dropping the contents then no it wouldn't automatically become bootable. Look for HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool and try 'make USB bootable' in Google.

    Are you trying to boot an OS?

    Good Luck,

  3. darxide

    darxide TS Rookie has a great tutorial at www,bootdisk,com/pendrive,htm but unfortunately you have to donate to them before they let you download any files from their site. Still great info.

    (Replace the commas in the link with periods. It won't let me post a link)
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  5. darxide

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    Last time I was there (6-8 months ago) I couldn't download anything from the site. Every link sent me to a page saying that in order to download I had to make a donation via paypal of any amount. I didn't check this time to see if it was still that way or not.
  6. chessonly

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    acronis true image lite version solved the problem. Its not free , but I got it from a warez forum
  7. kimsland

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    We don't support warez here

    Although you may have fixed your present problem, you have in turn allowed others access to your computer
    That's mainly why warez exists, to plant trojans and even deeper rootkits into your system. It is highly likely you are now infected

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