How do I extract file for chipset update

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Jun 29, 2008
  1. I don't know if I'm asking the right question in my title because I'm so confused as to how to do a chipset update on my laptop. I downloaded the file (about 80Mb) from the Toshiba website and I think, to run the update, the ATI catalyst will be used on my computer but I do not know how to extract the file (file?) to start setup and I don't even know what extract means or does. According to the computer, it said that setup will start after extraction is complete. What is this whole procedure of updating the chipset driver about-can someone explain it with simplicity of how to do it to me. The reason I'm doing the update is because my usb hub it saying that it is an unknown device when there is no device connected to my laptop in device manager and there are multiple unknown devices listed when I connect my flash drive each time. The computer also says that software for the unknown devices has been successfully installed each time I connect my flash drive. When I start up the computer, for a fraction of a second I see a partial outline on the screen as if from a message box and I'm wondering if that has to do with the unknown device. My USB hubs (ports) are not working so I can't reinstall my printer software. I tried a bios update but it did not solve the problem. I don't think I have to boot the chipset update file from the CD drive like I did for the BIOS update do I? Where and how do I begin to update the chipset driver with my file (it is on my C drive) ? Thank You.
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    When you downloaded the file, it would have a name and extention, such as

    newupdate.exe, or newupdate.rar, or

    Now dependant on the file name extraction and implemetation will vary.

    I think you would be best reposting here with the type of file first before anymore help can be given.

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    the file name and extension is: driver_chipset_display_ati_25658A.exe from the toshiba website. It is 87Mb. I think I need the chipset driver alone and not the display driver (am I right?). Another thing, my laptop model is not listed for this file and I don't know where to get the chipset driver. Also, my warranty is up with Toshiba and they can't give me technical support without payment.
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    If it doesn't list your computer model then it isn't for your computer model.

    Since you didn't say (that I can see) what your computer model is, no further help is available except to tell you to identify and post your computer model.

    That download, btw, is for an ATI graphics chip. Usually the term 'chipset' is reserved for the motherboard chipset and the graphics card/chips downloads are just referred to as graphics drivers.
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    sorry; my computer model is: Toshiba Satellite A135-S2386
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    The Toshiba website is not helping me get the chipset driver. I already tried it-thank you. Can someone tell me how to get the chipset driver for my laptop. Toshiba Satellite model # A135-S2386.
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