How do I install XP OEM?

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Jul 18, 2007
  1. Hi

    Hopefully someone out there can help me

    A few months ago, whilst building a new PC, I bought Windows XP in OEM form, since it was about half the price of the retail version.... silly me....

    When I tryed to install it, it didn't work (obviously) so, to cut a long story short, I went out and bought the retail version. I have since been told that it is possible to install OEM versions, and was wondering if anyone knew how to do this?

  2. Tmagic650

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    just boot off the CD ROM Drive with th XP OEM disc inserted. It should soon say "Windows is inspecting your system"... Follow the instructions presented
  3. samjohnson

    samjohnson TS Maniac Posts: 238

    Its totally not that hard. I just built my first PC a month or so ago and bought the XP OEM CD, I didn't have any problems at all. Its exactly what Tmagic650 said, just pop in the CD and follow the instructions. You may want to make sure that your cd rom is the primary boot device in your bios though. If it isn't then it will not boot it up.
  4. chris_dirtbiker

    chris_dirtbiker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hmmmm....... Its been a while since I did it (10 months) but I seem to recall that it stuck on one of the screens (cant remember which one now) for about half an hour.... will try again today and let you know....

    Thanks for your replies though!
  5. Nodsu

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    You need an OEM license key to install an OEM version of Windows. These keys come on stickers that are put on the computer case.
  6. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    My OEM copy of XP Pro had a key on it's sleeve. The cardboard sleeve contains a removeable sticker and the key. You place the sticker on the computer's case
  7. k.jacko

    k.jacko TS Rookie Posts: 493

    I once had a freezsing issue when tryng to install xp. Turned out it was a bad stick of ram. They can do that ya know! :rolleyes:

    edit: Oh, and whoever told you it was not possible to install oem xp is a forkin eejit! If you had a legit oem copy, then you've all but wasted your cash on the ret6ail version.

    oem = for system builders. Licence dictates that it lives and dies on the 1st pc its installed on.
    retail = for anybody. Licence dictates you can install it on any ONE pc at a time. So you can uninstall it and reinstall it on another pc. You cannot do with the oem, it contravenes the MS licence law.
  8. zipperman

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    I think if you went to you might find instructions
    Heres one link from my package,
    My package has all the details,but too much to post here.
    It was worth the cost of $250 CDN.
    I have even used phone help.
    US (425)635-7222
    Canada (905)568-4494
    Once you are installed,got right to Windows Update.
  9. Cinders

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    The only problem I've ever had installing XP from an OEM disk was caused by a dirty disk, broken hardware/software or just brain fart. I tried to install a RAID driver for a few hours from a floppy in which I had put the cable on back-wards. I tried to install XP on locked hard drives, broken hard drives and broken motherboards. Installing XP on systems with broken devices will cause Blue Screens Of Death if the broken part just has to be working for the comp to run. A broken built-in sound card my not interfere with an XP install but a broken IDE or SATA controller will, so you may have a broken part on your motherboard.

    When you do install XP the only things you should have running on your motherboard is the memory, hard drive, video card, rom drive, and maybe a nic. I tried at least twice to install Windows with a sound card still in place and had the card unfindable by the sound card's driver install software when I was finished with the install causing me to once again install without the card in place.
  10. chris_dirtbiker

    chris_dirtbiker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    wow! ok wasnt expecting all of these replies, thank you very much!!

    Unfortantly, I discovered the other night that coffee and a switched on computer dont mix too well, so have abandoned trying to install XP for the mo.....

    Thanks anyway!!
  11. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    did the computer cough and sputter?
  12. chris_dirtbiker

    chris_dirtbiker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    it was a bit angry... sparks flew.... now i have to buy a new MB, processor and RAM....:dead: Valuable lesson learned.....
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