How do I make my T-Mobile broadband visible to an iPhone's Wi-Fi?

  1. Hello people, I was hoping to use my laptops internet on my Iphone using its Wifi as I don't wish to use the Iphones 3G, but the internet from my laptop doesn't show up on the iphones wifi or isn't detectable.
    The internet is a T-mobile broadband stick (model is 530), is there a way I can modify the settings on my laptop or set up a network bridge so I can use the internet on the iphone?

    Am using windows XP
  2. jobeard

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    hmm; IF I understand you correctly, this is just the opposite of the normal request - - having the PC access the cellphone for a connection. THAT choice uses a cable from PC->cellphone and then use the Make Connection feature of the phone.

    But WHY use the PC for a connection and the cellphone as the user interface device?
  3. derangedxzombie

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    Thank you for the quick response!

    I tried using the iphone cable but was unable to connect it using the feature mentioned (make connection feature?). The iphone does show up under My Computer but doesn't show anywhere else (in internet connection sharing etc) It should be simple but aren't sure..

    And I wanted to use the laptop internet on the phone so I could use things on the phone like the app store and such.

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