How do I recover overwritten files on Mac?

I have a word file which got overwritten somehow, and I erased the previous data. I don't have any backup, can I get back my original file?


Not likely. it would be expensive to attempt (cost a lot and still fail). Get a sixpack of beer, guzzle it and move on.
Chance is rare for over written files. You can give a try on software products but don't buy unless the free version is able to locate the over written files.


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You need to recover overwritten files on Mac urgently, you must want to find out the most effective way there aren’t various methods available for how to recover overwritten file on Mac.
There are two ways to do overwritten file recovery on Mac
How to Recover overwritten file on Mac with Time Machine
Time Machine is an inbuilt backup application in every Mac system. With the Time Machine tool, you can easily recover overwritten files on Mac and restore on their specific location. The Time machine backup is best choice to recover overwritten files or documents on your Mac

How to Recover overwritten file on Mac with Recovery Tool.
A lots of times when you accidentally delete your files or overwrite files. Most of the overwrite or deleted files are stored in the hard drive, but these files are not visible for you. There aren’t various ways for recovering the overwritten files on Mac and find deleted or lost files on Mac.
recover overwritten file Mac, please make sure that you don’t write any new data in your computer after data loss or overwritten, because the new data will cover the lost files that you want to recover.