How do I remove a Virtual drive?

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Jun 27, 2008
  1. I created a virtual drive using MagicISO to mount an ISO image.

    I want to remove that drive now.

    How do I do that safely without anything else ( Data, OS files etc ) getting deleted ?

    I have never created a virtual drive before & I am not a techi.

    Thank you.
  2. CCT

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  3. robertq

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    I am talking about removing the virtual drives, not the MagicISO application itself.

    The link you gave was for uninstalling the Daemon Tools application.

    Can you please suggest now as to how to remove the virtual drives ?
  4. CCT

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    Virtual/real - the computer doesn't know or care. Treat it like any device and uninstall it.
  5. robertq

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    Would you be kind enough & tell me step by step.

    I am no computer savvy and have never installed virtual drives & afraid I might screw up and at worst lose data.

    I would be grateful.
  6. CCT

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  7. robertq

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    Thank you.

    That link cleared up everything.
  8. hmvrulz

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    this helped.. magic iso rox but it creates a virtual drive at instal itself.. os i use power iso
  9. JsaxX

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    Hey All..
    I have had a similar issue, but mine is a little more complex.

    same problem with mounting a virtual drive with Magic.ISO , however when I right click on the drive there is no option for delete. I have gone under devise manager and uninstalled the devise itself, uninstalled the Magic.Iso application, deleted all the files (including temp/recycling bin) restarted my machine and it keeps on appearing and trying to install.

    any idea's would be greatly appeciated..
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