How do I switch my (c:) with (d:)?

By runescape
Apr 16, 2008
  1. how do i switch my (c:) with (d:)?
    i got a local drive 76.4gb and another drive 127gb but i wana switch them around coz i wana waste the 127gb so wen my stuf like program file and that stuff be on the on the 127gb drive and wud i have to reinstal micrsoft if i do that?

    also if use alot of the 76gb harddrive space will my computer slow down?
  2. Whiffen

    Whiffen TS Rookie Posts: 235

    I caught the first part of that but you lost me in the end.

    Are you trying to say you want the "C" drive to have 127GB and the "D" drive to have 76.4GB?

    First of all make sure your "D" drive has at least 51GB-52GB free space still on it. You can right click the "D" drive in "My computer" and go to property to see how much you have left.

    Then download GPARTED from here.
    This one brings you right to the download:

    Get the latest version.

    Then once its installed and running have a nice read.

    Another way to do this is by reformatting the computer but this will erase everything on your computer.


    And no, your computer will not slow down unless your hard drive is fragmented, it will increase startup and shutdown times though.
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