How do I use CAB SDK?

By Andros_Forever ยท 141 replies
May 28, 2008
  1. andrew213

    andrew213 TS Rookie

    when i click on the zip file attached to the post above, nothing happens. how am i able to download it?
  2. JohnnyD421

    JohnnyD421 TS Rookie

    I think that the zip file that you've posted is intended for WinXP SP3. Because when i used my None SP3 WinXP CD to create the ISO, before the installation begins I get a message "Please insert the disk labeled Windows XP Pro SP3 CD into Drive A: "

    Do you have the edited files for WinXP SP2 or WinXP?

    Thank you!
  3. JohnnyD421

    JohnnyD421 TS Rookie

    Hello Andros,
    Would you please post the 6 Edited files that you've used in your ISO?
    Thanx man!
  4. tommy4003

    tommy4003 TS Rookie

    hey, i have the same problem as joshyptoshy, i cant seem to recompile the files back to .IN_
    can anyone help me please?
  5. Crisimare

    Crisimare TS Rookie

    Dammit i tried to download one of the help files but it says i dont have privelages?

    im stuck on the in to inf file converter problem the damn thing just popups then dissapears.

    PS im trying to boot recovery from and usb running microsoft xp sp1.

    and help would be appreciated.
  6. Crisimare

    Crisimare TS Rookie

    further info:

    already extracted the files to inf format, my problem is that i cannot convert them back to the original in_ format please i need this to fix my pc.

  7. alfani

    alfani TS Rookie

    Hello, I want to thank you all for making this topic so great - I hope it will help me resolve my problem.
    I am trying to install XP on a flash/external HDD because my main HDD on the Laptop went wrong and it is an old model of laptop I have difficulty finding HDD on a decent price.
    Thanks again!
  8. bgordon

    bgordon TS Rookie

    I need help! If anyone is still around this forum...
    Do I need to get a registered version of WinISO or can I use PowerISO or MagixISO ? (I have been trying..)
    I cannot figure out how to edit the .IN_ files, or extract them that is..anyone have the edited files for SP2 they can upload?? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. JohnnyD421

    JohnnyD421 TS Rookie

    cab sdk

    Just an update,
    The instructions on this forum are great!!! I used cab SDK and was able to successfully install WinXP Pro SP3 on my external harddrive. (SP1 didn't work)

    Thank you very much everyone!
  10. Rebeltech88

    Rebeltech88 TS Rookie

    thanks for all the help posted here everyone. Going to give this one a try later one.
  11. superty12

    superty12 TS Enthusiast Posts: 413

    Edited guide, included 3 others

    I've edited the guide and included 3 other guides in the attached zip file.

    Attached Files:

  12. Rebeltech88

    Rebeltech88 TS Rookie

    hey question, When I try to boot it tells me that file atiide.sys cannot be found? is there any way around this? or better yet , where can I find this file to replace it in my iso?

    and just to toss this out there, I really am not sure as to what I'm doing when people get overly technical. please you may need to "dumb it down" for me. Thanks.
  13. Rebeltech88

    Rebeltech88 TS Rookie

    ok. so Ive been looking through this thread, and I see where the files were already posted, however, when I go to that page all that comes up is abunch of links to other websires. any help here? Nobardin could you perhaps pm me, or email me so we could figure this out? I'm running xp home sp2 on my toshiba satellite L305. or at least thats the idea here........any help would be great. sorry about the spam.
  14. Elthomas

    Elthomas TS Rookie

    Does anyone have a copy of the cabsdk, it is no longer available from microsoft.
  15. noemirosario

    noemirosario TS Rookie

    For anyone who wants a copy of cabsdk, go to I am not allowed to post links yet since this is my first post
  16. narwhals

    narwhals TS Rookie

    Hi, I thought I has posted this question but I realize I must not have hit post reply....

    Anyway I am working on a Mac and through Parallels I have made a dvd disc of the iso with the correct files that were posted here for Windows XP SP3. I have a Macbook AIR so I'm having to remotely upload this on to the external harddrive from another macs disk drive... this is all really complicated and I've gotten really far but now when I try to load it on to the external harddrive my parallels wont get past trying to set up the "Setup" part of downloading the OS. I think this is probably bc the edited files that were posted on here are no good. If any one has advice or would like to make fun of me, feel free. Thanks!

    PS has anyone had success using the edited files that were posted on here? Just wondering, thank you.
  17. Valkyrja

    Valkyrja TS Rookie

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I'm having with the file it keeps telling me to Please insert the disk labeled Windows XP Pro SP3 CD into Drive A:, if their is an easy way to fix this or someone has the modified files for xp i would appreciate it.
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